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Dusting the blog

Last few years, was very quite – No blogging. Its time to dust the blog. Looking back, the last 12 months is one good learning experience. To begin with, it was a good learning experience with Sitecore, Coveo 4 sitecore, Azure (IaaS), also was introduced to AngularJS. Above all, the new stint at Digital group proved a good learning experience.

Its time to roll up sleeves and do some keystrokes to (b)log them here ! Hope the momentum is sustained.

From time to time, the technology buzzwords and trends keeps changing. Early  last year, ‘Digital‘ buzzed more than any other, across the IT sector. As definition of Digital keeps evolving and maturing, Automation is very loud this time of the year, followed by AI in the same wave of trends. Blockchain is another key buzz I hear on the organization focus and also on technical forums and chat groups. I see the adoption cycle for Blockchain very similar to the adoption of Cloud few years back. Initial hesitations and speculations are always part of the early life cycle. I’m sure coming months would have more traction on the Distributed Public Ledger technology (Blockchain). Azure’s recent support for Ethereum Consortium Blockchain – Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service (Baas) / Azure Blockchain Service is a welcome step forward for broader Blockchain adoption.

In the coming weeks, shall share more on the thoughts around the new buzzwords and Sitecore related learning.

Until then, Happy weekend.


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